Green Travel

Respect the nature and environment is a basic step for humanity, or
should be, here @ Villas Picalu Studios & Suites we try to accomplished it!

What we do
-Using ecological products for cleaning our studios and for laundry
-8 solar panels to produce 65% of the total of the electricity we need
for the property (except air conditioning usage),
Our project is to have up to 16 solar panels next year (2022) and 24
panels in 2023 to cover 95% of the electricity (airconditioning included)
-Air conditioning sensors in each studio to avoid the bad use of it
No aircon in property common area, costruction is done to have fresh
air coming in from main door to the garden door
-Local vegetation in our garden and fruit tree (guayabana, lemon and
banana) for helping local fauna
-Pest control with low chemical products
-Led light with low kw usage and timers/senros to turn on and off lights
during the sunset and sunrise